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Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Yellow Greenhouse

I should have posted this earlier, as we were making it. I publicly and officially apologize for my lack of foresight on your behalf. PLEASE forgive me. But as life goes on the farm sometimes, I NEEDED to just get it done! Especially because it's Spring and planting season is just around the corner.

So enough apologies, I'm telling you about it NOW!

You see we wanted a greenhouse. For years we've wanted a greenhouse. I can't really say that it was a need, because obviously we've survived without one, although every year we address the fact that we want one. And for years we've said we'd buy one with "our next income tax return." But for some reason the income tax return would always cover our immediate needs, but never our wants. (God IS Good to us!)

We own a yellow school bus (long, boring story) that we've been using for storage. We NEVER have enough storage buildings. Okay, we only have ONE storage building; and it's full! Envision sides bulging out.

So I've been (obsessively) thinking about what we could do (cheaply and affordably) to "create" a greenhouse out of things we already have. Or at least mostly have (I did have to buy some things... like duct tape and plastic.)

Our Yellow Greenhouse!

Our bus is parked with the rear door facing south so that it gets sunshine all day.

We lined most of the inside of the bus with heavyweight plastic, held up with duct tape. 

A LOT of duct tape!

We bought the heavyweight plastic (weatherproofing that was on sale for half-price!) at WallyWorld. The only time we had to cut plastic was for the front entrance and rear emergency exit.

At the front walkway and at the rear "emergency exit" we overlapped the plastic so that we can get out easily. 

In the hotter part of the summer, we'll remove  (and store) all the plastic to reuse in the fall and winter. 

Our heat source is a cheap little ceramic heater that we already owned. We brought power to the greenhouse with a long extension cord through the driver's side window and duct-tapped it shut.  

This will work until it starts warming up, and then it's easily removed so that the window can still be used for air circulation. I'm am thinking about putting a small fan that we already own in that window later on in the spring/summer. 

Held in place with duct tape, of course! In the really hot summer, we may have to abandon the greenhouse, but we'll see... I might come up with something yet!

Perhaps an air-conditioner????

 "Husband? Can I buy an air-conditioner for the greenhouse?" (Yeah, right!)

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