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Anatolian Shepherds

Akbash Anatolian Shepherd - Quincy

Kangal Anatolian Shepherd - Atar

Anatolian Shepherds are a type of Livestock Guardian Dog. They are NOT a dog for everyone. There are many informative websites for Livestock Guardian Dogs, but one of the best is:

Here is an interesting article written by an LGD owner:

We need to protect our Livestock Protection Dogs from those who choose to remain un-educated about this breed. Namely Animal Control personnel. Most Animal Control agencies are in a battle for funding. In our current economy with budget cuts happening each year, they must prove their value to the community. In our county, our Animal Control agency clearly states that they euthanized more than 800 animals in 2009 (their most recent statics posted on their website - and a requirement by law as a non-profit organization.) It is my belief that they trump up their value to the community by removing animals, sometimes needlessly, and sometimes illegally. You as a personal property owner (you are if you own animals) of your county, must educate yourself about the State and county codes regarding this.

You can read our story about our Anatolian Shepherd at: and my ongoing work to protect our rights to own Livestock Protection Dogs. This is not meant to imply that Anatolian Shepherd are the ONLY great Livestock Protection Animal. There are many breeds that are incredible animals for this purpose. It is also not meant to imply that there are not other Livestock Protection Animals that are useful, such as Llamas and Donkeys. This is just our preferred method for protecting our animals and family from predators.

Another useful resource for ANY dog owner is:
What to Do When Animal Control Comes Knocking: by George Eigenhauser (a California Attorney)

One of 13 puppies born 1/1/11 Sire: Atar, Dam: Quincy