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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Hope and A Future, Foster care and Adoption

I want to take a moment to tell you about a cause I believe in:
A Hope and A Future
My incredible husband and I were foster parents from September 2002 until September 2008. Two of our four children were placed into our home as foster children. We provided love, stability and practical care for them. We then chose to adopt them, as each of their individual cases eventually dictated and allowed. One of our children was placed into our home at three days old, and the other was placed at 3-months old.

The United States Foster care system is a cause that I believe is of vital importance; and one which needs a complete overhaul. Our current system is still not child protective. It is abuser/offender protective. I will share what I mean by that at a future date.

Foster care was our solution to the problem of placing disadvantaged children in orphanages. In the United States we place children into homes who have volunteered for this honor.

These homes are given a small reimbursement, to help compensate for the cost of housing and raising children that are not from their nuclear family. The average reimbursement for Washington State is still less than $400 per month, for food, clothing, electricity/heat, rent, diapers (if needed), etc. In addition foster children receive a one-time clothing voucher of $100. Now least you have additional information, such as law, what I am giving you is the factual reimbursement received by us for the past six years, with very little exception.

You'll notice that I use the term reimbursement. Foster parents in Washington State are not paid. Ever. They are reimbursed at less than 47% of the cost to raise one child per month. Each month 53% of the cost to raise these children are being absorbed by families who are not necessarily related to them. The majority of these families are lower middle-class families. Generally speaking, those of middle-class, and upper middle class do not typically choose to become foster parents.

Because this particular post is about A Hope and A Future, I don't want to continue to talk about the details of Foster care or adoption facts.

A Hope and A Future is a non-profit organization which helps licensed Foster and Adoptive families in Spokane and the surrounding areas. We started A Hope and A Future in order to help the families who choose to temporarily (or sometimes permanently) add these children into their homes. We seek donations of new and gently used clothing and household items for these families and distribute them to licensed Foster and Adoptive families via our once-per-month "Donation Station."

A Hope and A Future is also available to the families who adopt children, whether from the U.S. or world wide.

One of our largest community partners is Just Between Friends, in Spokane, WA and North Idaho. Your participation in one of the local JBF sales, helps A Hope and A Future.

If you want more information about A Hope and A Future, please feel free to reply to this post.

A Hope and A Future is a non-profit public charity 501(c)(3). We rely on the donations of businesses, churches and individuals in our community. Your donations are tax deductible.

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