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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Budget Friendly Tip: Pickle Jars for Bulk Purchases

First of all I have a family of six. Not super large, but super small, either. For my family; it JUST RIGHT!

I've always been interested in cost savings of bulk purchasing, but I couldn't justify the additional purchase for the storage containers. It would take too much longer to depreciate their cost. So for years I've been on the lookout for FREE storage containers that would also appeal to my "use and reuse" mentality (THANK YOU to my mother and my grandmother!)

Anyway, I've finally found it! Jars that are glass, so easily cleaned for reuse, and large enough for my bulk purchases, hence the "use and reuse" mentality.

Pickle Jars!

I know! I'm brilliant!

Now before I loose you completely with the whole "duh factor" let me tell you that these are not the normal mildly large pickle jars. These are the rooten tootenest, "dang they're perfect" pickle jars. Whoot, Whoot for pickle jars! Have I got ya?

I am not a commercial writer for this brand of pickles. And I don't even advocate this particular brand. Quite simply put, I love their jars, they are glass, inexpensive, and my kids will eat the pickles. They're you have it. Did I mention that one of my children actually eats pickles a lot? If I put the suggestion into his head (and why would I?) he'd eat them with breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks. I don't want him to have that much sodium, but he would, if I let him.

So back to the Pickle JAR. It is large (2 quarts + 8 oz.) and here is a picture of it...
From Drop Box

You eat the pickles, soak it in hot water to remove the label, and wash and dry it thoroughly. LABEL it with the contents you will have in it. And, viola! You have this marvelous storage container for your bulk items. Easy Peasy, and FREE! Plus you save even more money because you won't be disposing of it in your garbage.

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  1. Got a whole lot of these. I use them for everything. My kids love the pickles too.