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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I just did another order from the Bulk Herb Store

I've been feeling a little tired lately. All right I've been downright fatigued all of last summer, fall and most of this winter. Enough is enough already! I am too young to feel this *&^#* old! I started doing research right before Christmas (2010) and it's lead me to believe that what I am experiencing is "Adrenal Fatigue." Hmmm, the symptoms sound right, so we'll see.

Being the weird/funky granola that I am, (Embrace my funkiness) I started looking towards healthy, herbal remedies first, and this is what I found. The Bulk Herb Store, and Shohanna's Kitchen (YouTube). O.K. so I've just fallen in love with this gal, she makes it all sound so easy, and she doesn't overdo it with the whole "selling issue." I placed my first order and it came super fast.

Starting out this New Year (yeah for 2011! - GOODBYE, so-long 2010!) I'm going to do a whole body cleanse (all ready started and I feel somewhat better - may have to do with having a good plan), followed by a liver cleanse. What then? Making sure that what we as a family eat, is actually being digested and assimilated into our bodies! I bought the book:

Started drinking Kefir (I bought my own grains, and I'm making it myself. It's soooo much less expensive, and I'm jes' so proud!)

I made my first, official, tincture (Bulk Herb Store Liver Cleanser) and it's finally done! I finally had a reason to go to the liquor store... to find the cheapest bottle of vodka I could find, in order to make it. Starting today, I've strained it (added "used" herbs to the compost pile) and bottled it, and am taking my first doses. 1 squirt - 3X/day either with or without water. And let me tell you, It's nasty tasting, but if it works????? (I'll let you know how that turns out.)
From Drop Box

So what was my newest order?????
I bought:

Dr. Cinnamon
Green Salve (Gonna made my first salve! I'm soooooo excited!)
Black Spice Chai Tea (I love a good strong chai tea... makes me think of coffee!)
Daily Boost Herba-Smoothie

What's my next order? I'm already thinking of some of their preblended herbal teas, and...

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