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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meatballs-70s Style

This recipe (just click on the title) comes from I've used this same recipe for many years. Well O.K. now that I think about it... since sometime in the later part of the 70's! I Usually make about 144 meatballs at a time. Why 144? Because it seems that when you use 5 lbs of hamburger and adjust the other ingredients accordingly, you get 144 meatballs, almost every time! Huh! Who'd have guessed it? 

Freeze them in ziplock bags, and they are the greatest for my DH, who only likes hamburger. He just wants them heated up, with some kind of sauce with them. Or, you can pull them out, heat em up, and put in sandwiches, or (here's a thought) Spaghetti! I am brilliant, don't you think?

Another tip is that you can just pat these out onto the jelly roll pan, and cut em with your pizza cutter, and bake the same way. I suppose you get "meatsquares" that way, but they are just a little bit quicker. (Mostly I make meatballs, cause I'm a traditionalist when it comes to my meatballs.)


  1. I never think to make more meatballs then what I am making for dinner!

    I like your idea, so that you can pop them out of the freezer any time you want.

    My son would LOVE the meatball sandwich idea too!

  2. I need to get back to cooking in bulk to fill my freezer back up again. Seems like I fill it them bam it is empty again before ya know it. How on earth does that happen?!

  3. PS I have an adopted child too. Daelyn is my youngest (6)and she is from South Korea. Very cute little toot that she is that she is!!

  4. flattened meatballs baked in a pan? that's an interesting idea that i'll almost certainly put to use--thanks! and 144 meatballs every time? i think i need to see this for myself...and fill my freezer with some goodness at the same time. :)