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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pinto's and Salsa Cassarole

This is my kinda cookin! Just by guess and by golly!

I took a whole lotta dried pinto beans and put them in a crockpot with about three times the water. (Just remember that the beans will more than double in size, so don't overfill.) I started them in the morning, without pre-soaking, on high and they were done in time to make this for dinner.

Once they were done, I put a bunch of them into an 9 X 9 inch pan, added a large jar of salsa (Black Beans and Corn, but that doesn't matter much.) Added about 1/4 lb. (by sight) of cooked hamburger with onion, and stirred it all up. 

Put it into the microwave to heat it through, and served it with Tortilla shells. Some wanted it rolled up like a burrito, some wanted the tortillas on the side. 

Served it with leftover potato salad from the night before.

I am pretty sure that tomatoes, lettuce, avacado, and extra onions would be good too, but we were super hungry and in a hurry, so we ate our plain.

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  1. I love it when dinner comes together quick and yummy like this. My Ma makes the best pinto beans and I have yet to get her to teach me! I'll have to hound her now.