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Monday, April 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 4/13 - 4/19, 2009


It's Menu Plan Monday over at I'm an Organizing Junkie. I have been so bad about planning lately, but we have put ourselves on a budget and I need to get back on board making sure we stick to it!

Breakfast - Toast, Homemade Applesauce, Milk
Lunch - Ramen Noodles,
Dinner - Slow Cooker Chicken BBQ, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Peaches

Breakfast - Banana Bread, Milk, Apple Slices
Lunch - Egg Salad Sandwiches (or crackers),
Dinner - Crock Pot Cheesy Potatoes, Peas
Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs, Toast
Lunch - Cheese Quesadillas,
Dinner - Burritos, Green Beans

Breakfast - Oatmeal w/Maple and Brown Sugar, Toast
Lunch - PB&J Sandwiches,
Dinner - Chili over spaghetti noodles with Cheese, Cornbread Muffins, Home Canned Cherries

Breakfast - Swiss Muesli
Lunch - Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks
Dinner - Hearty Tater Tot Casserole, Home-canned Cherries

Breakfast - French Toast,
Lunch - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Homemade Tomato 
 soup with Crackers,
Dinner - Mexican Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza,

Breakfast - Fried Eggs, Toast, Applesauce
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner- Leftovers


  1. Popped in from a friend's blog to say hi!

  2. I've never made the buffalo chicken pizza before--but I've seen it on numerous other plans so I decided I had to try it! Here is the link that I keep running across if you want to try it. I didn't include it in my post since I haven't made it yet, so I'm not sure how good it is.

    MmmmMmm--Mexican pizza is my favorite pizza, ever!