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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Two Hour Season (6) Finale
McFarland Family
Indianapolis, Indiana

I can sum this episode up in one statement! OMGoodness!

Bernard McFarland became a single dad of three boys, when he was just 23 years old. He is involved both as a father, and as a mentor for disadvantaged children.

He is very well read and despite his circumstances, he thinks BIG! His motto is: “Knowledge, Discipline, Books” and with that motto he started “Packhouse 2000” to mentor the kids in his neighborhood.

The thing that really stands out is that Bernard is willing to sacrifice for his kids and his neighborhood. He is amazing to listen to. He said he’d had a teacher in school, that when she read you were transported to that place. He grew up to become a history teacher. I was listening to Bernard, and I got a little caught up in his eloquence of speech.

He is devoted to his neighborhood. He lives in the same neighborhood that he grew up in. But while he has advanced, the neighborhood has declined.
Extreme Makeover Home Edition sent the McFarland Family on a trip to Paris, France! They visited the Louvre Museum.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition came in and helped out not only him, but his neighbors as well. They did an “Extreme Makeover Community Edition!” They tore down several houses that had been condemned by the city. They planted 1000 trees for beautification and cleaner air quality.

They helped out Miss Evan’s (an 87 year old neighbor) with repairing and replacing her sidewalk, and building a new ramp for her house.

They repainted and landscaped neighbor, Mark Smith’s house.

They repaired and repainted, neighbor Dorian Malone’s house where hail had severely damaged it.

They built a new basketball court in the McFarland’s back yard, both for the family and the neighborhood kids. They installed a wind turbine in the backyard. On a windy day, it could provide for up to half of the power for the family. Pretty cool!

In addition to the house that was built for the McFarland Family, EMHE built them a library on site, for the neighborhood. It also serves as the new headquarters for Packhouse 2000. Previously, Bernard operated Packhouse 2000 out of the McFarland home.

The Indiana Pacers donated 50 basketball’s and 4 season tickets (presumably for the McFarland Family themselves); they also provided some autographed personal items for the auction.

Butler University provided all three of the McFarland boy’s full ride scholarships (if they meet grade and entrance requirements.) I have a lot of confidence they will just fine, considering their father is right there to support and encourage them. That was very generous of Butler University!
Extreme Makeover Home Edition’s partner, Sears, paid off the McFarland Families mortgage!

Their other partner, Ford Motor Company, provided a brand new 2010 Ford Taurus to the family and a brand new 2010 E350 Passenger Van for Packhouse 2000, complete with detailing.

EMHE held a fundraiser for Packhouse 2000 at Lucas Oil Stadium. They held an auction to raise funds and awareness for this organization.

Family and Interests:
Bernard McFarland, Dad
Dominic (15 yrs): Wants to go into Video Broadcasting
Courtney (14 yrs): Golfing and Business.
Curtis: Drums and Piano

Design Team:
Ty Pennington – Team Leader
Michael Maloney – Interior Design
Paige Hemmis
Paul DeMeo
Ed Saunders

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