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Sunday, March 22, 2009

EMHE - The Bell Family

14 year old Lizzie Bell, from Tuscon, AZ, has a rare blood decease that requires her to receive blood transfusions. There are only about 750 people in the whole world who have this decease. She is dedicated to inspire people to give blood. What a noble cause! This story will help so many people.

Although I am unable to give blood, do to a childhood illness, Glenn is a member of the "Gallon Club" at our local blood bank. He is one of only 7% of all people that have O negative blood. This is the type of blood that is the most universal in the ability to give to others. It means that in a pinch, if there is not enough blood of a specific type, they can transfuse O negative blood. Unfortunately, that also means that he is only able to receive O negative blood. But thankfully, he has never needed a blood transfusion.

The design team gave the Bell Family a beautiful "green" home, complete with solar power, and tube skylighting. There was a wonderful outdoor kitchen for entertaining in the Arizona outdoors.

Ty made Lizzies room his "special project." She loves the color yellow and designing clothes. Ty made her room an incredible and bright shade of yellow, and took one of her designs and had it make up into the first of her own line of clothing "A Positive" How special is that? It was really cute, by the way... I think she has talent!

One of the things that Lizzie said is: "If you give blood only one time a year, you are saving a persons life. It might be an accident victim, or it might be someone, like me." WOW! Make's it worth it, that little pin prick. It sure makes it worth it.

Good job, Lizzie.

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